Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed – The Ultimate Adjustable Bed

Check it out here. ★EFFORTLESS BED ENTRY/EXIT- Imagine if getting in and out of bed was EASIER than getting in and out of your favorite chair? The Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed makes it possible. Go from a standing position to a…

Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed - The Ultimate Adjustable Bed



Check it out here.

★EFFORTLESS BED ENTRY/EXIT- Imagine if getting in and out of bed was EASIER than getting in and out of your favorite chair? The Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed makes it possible. Go from a standing position to a perfectly flat lying position and back again with VIRTUALLY ZERO EFFORT- The Envyy bed does all the work for you at the push of a button. Those dreaded middle of the night bathroom visits become FAST and EASY instead of slow and painful.
★AGE IN PLACE WITH DIGNITY-For many aging Americans, getting in and out of bed is a chore-it can also be dangerous. Slips, trips and falls is the leading cause of accidental death in people over 65. Bed access issues often require embarrassing family member assistance or expensive caregiver help and can even force people out of their own home and into assisted living or nursing facilities. Eliminate all these problems and get your freedom back today. Also ideal for post-op care..
★PUSH BUTTON OPERATION- Infinite position adjustment for unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Head up positioning makes reading, eating, lounging and watching TV a pleasure and can help eliminate acid re-flux issues. Legs up positioning helps with lower extremity circulation, lymphedema and general relaxation. Adjust both head and leg sections together for the perfect solution to back, neck, hip, knee and foot joint and muscle pain.
★INCLUDES LUXURY MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS- The Envyy bed comes complete with a luxurious, ultra-comfortable, premium memory foam mattress. The sleep surface provides just the right amount of support and molds to the body for smooth, even pressure distribution. The 4-way stretch fabric topper is breathable to help keep hot sleepers cool and comfortable all night long. Fall asleep faster, enjoy deeper sleep and wake feeling refreshed every day.
★DESIGNED, STOCKED AND SERVICED IN THE USA- The Envyy bed was designed by our Orlando FL-based team of healthcare professionals at Platinum Health LLC, the industry-leading provider of premium home healthcare products. All beds are stocked and serviced by of our nationwide network of facilities located in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin and California.
EASY SET-UP – Literally just plug it into the wall and you are good to go!
Your bed- your retreat from the world. An oasis of comfort, tranquility, peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. At least this what it’s supposed to be like- what it was like months or years ago. Unfortunately, for many aging Americans, this in NOT THE CASE any more.

Mobility challenges, physical and mental degenerative disorders, medical procedures, muscle and joint pain, chronic illness and/or traumatic injury all conspire against you to steal away the enjoyment of your beloved bed. Even worse, you’re at the point of having to enlist a friend, family member or paid caregiver help you out with daily tasks.

You fear the worst as you face the all-too-real possibility of having vacate your home and move in with a relative and burden them your care or realize you might have to transition to a retirement home, assisted living facility or nursing home. It doesn’t have to be this way. Equipping yourself with the right technology is your best defense against these threats.

The Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed is the perfect companion to help you maintain your freedom, dignity and independence in the comfort of your own home. A synergistic blend of technology, the Liberty combines the best features of an adjustable bed, a lounger, a lift-chair and a real bed-all rolled into one amazing device. This revolutionary bed has the power to change your life for the better.

Reclaim your independence now and experience the comfort, relaxation and peaceful sleep that has been eluding you- invest in an Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed today.

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