#1 SACRED MARRIAGE ACTIVATION ☯ Activate to receive the SoulFul, Soul Flame, Flesh Flame, Beloved Union for your Mission and Family New Earth Template ☯ Activate to your FirstFruit Family Tree, your DNA, Divine Masculine and Feminine within Merging into…





☯ Activate to receive the SoulFul, Soul Flame, Flesh Flame, Beloved Union for your Mission and Family New Earth Template
☯ Activate to your FirstFruit Family Tree, your DNA, Divine Masculine and Feminine within Merging into ONE
☯ Activate your New Womb Chakra Merging the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras to be balanced in power and the ability to Sanctify Law
☯ Activate yourself to birth the New Generation of God’s pure and holy children and God’s Plans
☯ Activate your Temple of God and your New abilities activating the Emperor and Empress Template Now
☯ Activate Sexual and Reproductive Organs with Gods Seeds and Flower of Life
☯ Activate the Rainbow Bridge between your Hearts in the Scorpion Queen Bee HiEros Gamos, merging you
☯ Activate the Scorpion Mounting the Queen Bee in the flesh


☯ Activate to the DIVINE MASCULINE’s Pure and Holy Sacred Milk, Sacred Nectar, in you and your Beloved
☯ Activate and attune to Adam and Eve, The Holy Spirit, 69 Yin Yang Union, As ONE – ONEFLAME
☯ Activate to the Divine Masculine CHRIST and Pure Divine Masculine Lion of Judah Sovereignty Embodiment of Christ
☯ Activate the physical Emperor Template with his Sexual Sacral Passions Ignited for his Divine Feminine Empress
☯ Activate the Scorpion’s maximum output of pleasing and Sanctifying the Grail Cup with his Divine Feminine
☯ Create telepathically, Sexually Merging, Mind Body Heart and Soul Merging
☯ Activate merge 144000 DNA Merging Codes, One Double Helix Code, Codes, Chakra, Light Bodies
☯ Activate your Union’s PEACH TREE with The HOLY SPIRIT and your Gifts from God
☯ Activate your Original Union’s DIVINE BLUEPRINT


☯ Activate the Cosmic Christ and Cosmic Queen Bee on the Flower of Life, your new Throne
☯ Clear sexual dysfunction and disharmony
☯ Receive marriage from God in the Flesh, your anointment ceremony from God, your wedding ceremony
☯ Activate your next level of your Union Mission template, your HEXAGON, of the Beehive,
☯ Receive a Sage Ceremony Cleansing from God,
☯ Activate the Sovereign Divine Leadership
☯ Birth the Holy Spirit in you individually and in your Union
☯ Invoke the Lineage of the Divine Feminine Christ, committing to the Holy Grail Linage of Christ
☯ Activate to your Star Family, and Star Lineage, home Family


☯ Activate the Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene’s Union Mission Template, continuing this Lineage of Christ
☯ Activate Yin Yang Template merging the two of you into ONE
☯ Receive El Morya Activations for the Union Code ONECODE Template
☯ Activate to be leaders of LOVE & UNION
☯ Activate the Divine Feminine’s sexual stimulation and arousal with peak planetary alignments
☯ Remove all mind control and control structures off of your union, and replace this with your Garden of Eden, your Heaven on Earth now
☯ Activate Unconditional Love Template throughout your Union, the Waters, the Land, and the Universe
☯ Activate the Divine Feminine Christ to be completely in her Sovereign Leadership, integrating the Magdalene Template


☯ Activate Ares & Aphrodite, Mars & Venus, Eros & your Trinity
☯ Activate sexual 144000 DNA Merging of your FirstFruit Union
☯ Clear blocks of whatever is blocking making love in the flesh, your Flesh Flame Union
☯ Receive ArchAngel Gabriel’s Divine Intervention to Deliver the Message to your Beloved
☯ Activate permanent shielding and protected in your Merkabah
☯ Receive your chocolate CACAO SACRED SEXUAL CEREMONY
☯ Activate The Shakti & Shiva Template
☯ Activate the Divine Masculine to Receive the Finger of God to be as the Most High God Template
☯ Activate the lamb creating the perfect balance of the Lion of Judah and the Lamb
☯ Remove all dark order out of the heart, remove all shadow work out of all the DNA
☯ Activate the Divine Masculine into full Divinity as a FirstFruit
☯ Making Wishes to receive your FirstFruit Union and FirstFruit Land, Blood, Heritage, and Birthrights
☯ Activate into the Earth, into the Leylines, Griding the Earth with the Milk and Honey Holy Nectar
☯ Activate Flesh Union merging as one for you and all of the FirstFruit Unions, and future Unions 555


☯ Activate H.I.M. Haile Selassie and The Lion of Judah’s Leadership Template
☯ Activate the Cherubs that are here for Divine Intervention, Protection, and supporting holding space for your Union
☯ Activate the MEMORY CODE of the G-Spot Gland for the EJACULATION CODE activating the squirting orgasm with ease
☯ Activate to have very full breast with milk secretion, activating all the glands the the breast and vagina through massive output of orgasm
☯ Activate your new vessel, your new body, new embodiment, new home
☯ Walk-though Ceremonies

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