Important Message from Bella Katrina

“I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Mathew 28:20) There is lots going in the world and it feels like it has come on me quite quickly. A lot of truths have been revealed to…

Important Message from Bella Katrina



“I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Mathew 28:20) There is lots going in the world and it feels like it has come on me quite quickly. A lot of truths have been revealed to me. It is time to be present, grounded and focussed. Just like a frog in water that slowly, slowly heats up. The frog only realises it’s being cooked alive WHEN IT IS TOO LATE. Don’t let that happen to you. Wake Up say NO to the new world order, say not to Satan and all his evil ways and rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Invite Jesus into your heart get baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, keep the 10 commandments and pray to GOD and then listen….. listen… silence and pray for discernment. Say NO out loud more often and ask for the highest vibrations of light x3 to surround you always. The demons that have been released via the proton collider CERN are walking among us in the Etheric field waiting to take your consciousness. Think mangie dog about the height of an 8 year old boy, covered in rabbits, lice and ticks, frothing at the mouth with fanged teeth deficating all over your aura trying to get into your chakras. You are most precious and loved as a creative child of GOD and the devil wants you for himself. To disconnect you from your creator and torture you day and night. See everyone he has tricked, and will soon trick by getting them to take his mark and worship his beast, is by creating order out of chaos for example: hurricane Harvey creates chaos and the FEMA camp offers order. This is order for them for the ones under Satan.
As written on their tablet is population from 7 Billion to 500 million in the blink of an eye.
There is also a planned deceit using a sound beta system and operation blue laser to try to create the coming of Jesus but it is in fact the anti christ who’ s wound heals and a miracle is now deemed worthy of belief to millions. All who take the Mark will get tortured by the devil and his mangie demons for eternity. This will give them something to do and they will laugh at how they deceived you.
Once you agree to the mark and take it in your right hand or on your forehead there is no turning back. It is too late, you can’t get out of Hell but you realise that as soon as you take the mark.
Do not take the mark.
The devil has shown me more about the creator in his mimicking of his word – found in the bible. Religion and new world order are out and Jesus and the word of his Father are in. When you get baptised the Holy Spirit surrounds you and when you speak the word….remember Jesus died for our sins so we could have a way out and he also brought his SWORD which means word this is the word of his Father creator GOD.
Don’t be tricked, don’t be distracted by the game of money � it is masterminded and combined with technology you couldn’t even conceive let alone believe. This is the worst the world has ever seen because of this insidious technology.
As if that is not enough you will get GODS wrath if you take the mark and be stung day and night by the locusts he will pour his cup of wrath over you and sores will appear all over your body. It is said at this stage the living will envy the dead as death will escape them and only pain remain.

Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I trust in you,
Say this day and night telling him you are sorry for anything you can possibly think of, he will forgive you for ANYTHING you have done if you are genuinely seeking forgiveness in your heart ANYTHING…..
Jesus loves you more than I do and I am bringing you this message in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Say this out loud right now…..
“By the blood of Jesus I command all demons to leave my heart, mind and psychic aura, I declare I am safe and ask Archangel Michael to post guardian angels at every door and window of my home to protect me day and night! EVERY NIGHT. I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus.”
Thank you Amen

Do not get drunk or “out of it” as this is automatically “silence is consent.”
Walk with Jesus he is the ONLY way out.
Say out loud right now:
“God I believe you sent your only begotten son, I believe he died on the cross for my sins and I believe he rose from the dead.”

Get anointed and baptised talk to Jesus and read the word.
Get grounded and present so you can hear GODS word.
I love you !!!!


Congratulations to those who have jioned the Reiki Army and done their Reiki Attunements you are WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT!
If you haven’t done your Attunements you are missing out on your birth right to receive Universal Life Force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a higher vibration for the rest of your life.
Join with me to clear, balance, ground and prtect your energy, it is needed more than ever before.
I love you connect soon and learn or receive REIKI LIFE FORCE!
I love you
Love yourself
With Love & Light from your Creator
Love Bella Katrina

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